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Until June 2011, Wickliffe resident Andrea Alusheff never made a pie in her life, that is, until her 82-year-old mother visited her from California. She showed Andrea her secret flaky pie crust recipe, and from that moment on, her daughter was hooked. Andrea immediately put her event planning skills into play, and convinced her sister-in-law, Kathy Galgoczy, owner of the famous Cleveland chocolate landmark, Baker Candies, to rent her a spot inside the Willoughby Hills location.

"I LOVE PIES!" was born. And what pies they are! Almost every single person who has bought or tried those delicious fruit and creme pies, has declared how great is the crust. All the crusts are handmade, one by one. Andrea's son, Alex, makes the dough, and she fills in the rest.

"I love watching customer's reactions when they first take a bite, and the look of pleasure on their faces as they discover the delightful crust," states Andrea. Cherry and apple are the most popular flavors, with peach and coconut creme not far behind. And now, "I LOVE PIES!" is now open in Wickliffe at 29348 Euclid Ave. Pies come in small, medium, and large sizes. A variety of other sweets will be served and coffee will be part of the menu. Special requests also accommodated, and catering is available. "I LOVE PIES!" Wickliffe is open Mon – Sun.

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